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Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

Listing a modern and updated home is a great way to make sure you get a top dollar offer. Buyers in San Antonio want a home that’s been kept up and one that’s been updated. New kitchens and bathrooms help, but it’s the exterior that gets people in the door. Consider these landscaping trends that will increase the value of your home when you list it this year:

black mulch, landscaping trends

A Pop of Color

Outdoor areas will always be dominated by green foliage but adding colorful flowers will make your yard stand out. Consider adding native hibiscus which will attract hummingbirds. Blue verbena can tolerate the Texas heat and needs very little water or care to flourish. Place these flowers around the landscaped areas and entrance points to your home. Plant them in brightly colored pots that will accentuate both your home’s exterior paint color. You can also line the walkways and patio with potted plants.

Consider the architectural style when landscaping. More modern homes with sleek exteriors would benefit from xeriscaping. Mid-century homes could include native flowering trees and shrubs.

Mulch Around Plants

Your plants aren’t the only things growing in the Texas sun. Weeds multiply in our region. Protect your plants from the onslaught of weeds by mulching around trees and flower beds. A red mulch adds vibrancy and provides moisture for your garden. Both organic and inorganic mulching options keep plants cooler.

Create Privacy

Buyers will pay more for a home that has a secluded outdoor area. Create privacy in your backyard by adding shrubs or fast-growing potted plants that will shoot up in no time. Other options include adding outdoor curtains or even privacy screens that can be easily moved around the yard. A vertical garden is another way to create privacy along a fence or railing.

Light It Up

You’ve worked hard on your landscape, so why not showcase it? Invest in outdoor lights to line the walkways and garden. Put a rope light around your flower beds that will highlight your home well past sundown. While you’re at it, upgrade light fixtures that are dated or worn.

Taking the time to upgrade areas of your yard and outdoor living space will attract potential home buyers. By spending a few dollars now, you could see several thousand more in your next offer.

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